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Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board

The Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board is composed of 15 students who manage and organize the largest week-long alternative break program in the country. The board is responsible for coordinating, planning, and executing 6 leadership trainings and 90 trips located in different regions around the nation and world. Each member attends meetings twice a week throughout the entire acamdemic year: one full board meeting and one committee meeting. This is an un-paid position. 

Buck-I-SERV relies heavily on the commitment and passion of the Advisory Board to help in the planning stages and implementation of all Buck-I-SERV trips. Board members serve on different committees that focuses either on leaderhip trainings, marketing, or major events. However, each assist other committees' projects and events. Together, the board supports the Buck-I-SERV's passion for service, social justice, leadership, travel, and mentorship.

Advisory Board responsibilities include:

• setting-up trip logistics 
• communicating weekly with non-profits and community organizations 
• connecting to resources in Buck-I-SERV trip locations
• marketing and event planning
• creating educational training and development for participants
• exploring social justice issues
• mentoring trip leaders
• collecting feedback for program improvements

Members of the board focus on learning in the following areas:

•    Become proficient in planning and organizing complex travel and service details  
•    Become spokespersons for the importance of developing active citizens
•    Be able to effectively and professionally communicate with non-profits and community service organizations 
•    Gain increased knowledge and understanding of social justice issues and education 
•    Gain facilitation skills as a facilitator of discussions, activities, and reflections
•    Implement large-scale training and reflective programs for student peers, campus staff and faculty

The Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board application for the 2018-2019 Advisory Board will be released on January 8, 2018. Please see below for a timeline for the application process. 

Applications Released: January 8, 2018

Applications Due: January 28, 2018

Interviews: February 5, 2018

Notification of Position: February 7, 2018

For questions about the application and Advisory Board position, please contact Bailey Harr ( or 614-247-2525)