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Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board

Buck-I-SERV relies heavily on the assistance and passion of the Advisory Board to help in the planning stages and implementation of all Buck-I-SERV trips. The Advisory Board is composed of students who are passionate about service, travel, leadership, social justice, and event planning. The Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board contributes to the planning of over 80 Buck-I-SERV trips each year to different cities across the nation and the world working on a range of social issues.

The Advisory Board is composed of 15 students who dedicate time to aid in the coordination, planning, facilitation, and execution of all Buck-I-SERV trips and trainings.  Advisory Board members meet weekly, on Tuesday evenings, throughout the entire academic year for training and planning. The Advisory Board position is un-paid.

Advisory Board responsibilities include:

• setting-up trip logistics 
• communicating weekly with non-profits and community organizations 
• connecting to resources in Buck-I-SERV trip locations
• marketing and event planning
• creating educational training and development for participants
• exploring social justice issues
• mentoring trip leaders
• collecting feedback for program improvements

Members of the board focus on learning in the following areas:

•    Become proficient in planning and organizing complex travel and service details  
•    Become spokespersons for the importance of developing active citizens
•    Be able to effectively and professionally communicate with non-profits and community service organizations 
•    Gain increased knowledge and understanding of social justice issues and education 
•    Gain facilitation skills as a facilitator of discussions, activities, and reflections
•    Implement large-scale training and reflective programs for student peers, campus staff and faculty

The Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board application process for 2017-2018 Advisory Board members is now Closed. Please check back with us in November 2017 for information on the hiring process for the 2018-2019 Advisory Board. 

For questions about the application and Advisory Board position, please contact Bailey Harr ( or 614-247-2525)