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STEP Participants

Buck-I-SERV 2022-2023 STEP Participant Brochure

Making Your Payments to Buck-I-SERV: By accepting a Buck-I-SERV spot, you are responsible for the full trip price. If you do not follow through with your eligibility terms of use to receive your STEP funds, you are still responsible for making the full trip payments to Buck-I-SERV on the timeline established in your trip notification message. Participants planning to use STEP funding as payment for a Buck-I-SERV experience should ensure this experience is approved through your STEP dashboard. Please keep Buck-I-SERV informed of your STEP proposal progress and approval throughout this semester. 

Budget information: Your STEP proposal requires a budget. Each trip budget will look a little different, but some ideas for your budget categories:

  • Program Fee: Refer to your trip notification for your trip's cost. This cost includes all transportation (airfare, ground transportation, local transportation), lodging, group activities and all registration fees. The cost does not include food for most trips. The cost does include meals for the Puerto Rico group. 
  • *Personal Expenses: Include food costs for all trips except Puerto Rico. If your trip has an environmental focus, you may want to include appropriate personal apparel such as work boots and gloves. 
  • *Miscellaneous Travel Needs: These items will vary. Discuss your own needs with your faculty mentor and STEP staff to see if any other travel expenses can be approved in your budget.

*Fully funded students: If you receive university scholarships and/or aid which cover all your annual cost of attendance, you can use your fellowship toward a Buck-I-SERV program fee. You may not be able to use funds toward personal expenses or other travel expense categories. Consult your STEP faculty mentor and the STEP staff to discuss your options. 

For more information on the university's current travel information, visit the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website.