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Advisor Applications

All faculty, staff, and graduate students are eligible and encouraged to apply to advise a Buck-I-SERV trip.

The following application link leads to any available advisor applications.

The Advisor application will be updated when future opportunities are available:  Advisor Application




The Role of a Trip Advisor

  • Represent University
    • Faculty/Staff/Graduate Advisors will serve as a university representative on all Buck-I-SERV trips sponsored by the Student Activity Fee. Advisors will ensure the positive representation of The Ohio State University throughout the duration of trip among all constituencies, including but not limited to service agencies, housing staff, community members, and alumni.  
  • Assist Trip Leaders
    • Student Trip Leaders will arrange and facilitate the majority of the trip components. Advisors, however, should be knowledgeable about all aspects of the trip, assist the student Trip Leaders as needed, and encourage student participants to connect their service to academic topics related to their projects and/or host cities. We will make every attempt to match Advisors with a city or social issue related to their work or interests. Advisors will also work with Trip Leaders to manage risk and address safety and security concerns both during the trip preparation process and the actual trip.
  • Connect Students with Alumni
    • It is our hope that each trip will have the opportunity to interact with Ohio State Alumni in the city in which each trip is located.  The advisor will be expected to help coordinate and maintain contact with alumni in the area who would be willing to meet/host our students for an event during the trip.
  • Manage Trip Finances and Documentation
    • Advisors will be responsible for managing trip funds, including an allotted group activity budget during the trip. Upon selection, advisors will work with Coordinator of Community Service Administration to apply for a Group Extended Travel (GET) Card to access Buck-I-SERV funds while on the trip. The advisors will be trained and expected to adhere to all purchasing rules for spending and reconciling group expenses incurred on the trip.
  • Document Trip Experience
    • Advisors will assist with documenting the trip experience by taking specified photos, encouraging group journaling, and maintaining contact information of relevant individuals in the service city.

Advisor Expectations:

While no previous experience with Buck-I-SERV is necessary to serve as an Advisor, we ask that the following expectations are met in order to best support our students before and during trips.

  • Attend Advisor Orientation & Expectation Meeting, Kick-Off Event, and Pre-Departure Meeting.
  • Attend semester participant meetings (to be determined by trip leaders based on group availability).
  • Coordinate meeting between trip participants and OSU Alumni in the service city/area.
  • Attend Buck-I-SERV trip with student leaders and student participants and assist with transportation needs (driving a 10-passenger van, if possible).
  • Participate in all service and reflection experiences during the trip, while remaining open minded throughout all experiences and accommodations.
  • Allow students to take on a leadership role. Advisors are NOT expected to “lead” the trip, rather advisors are expected to serve as a resource and provide support when necessary. 
  • Work with Trip Leaders to manage risk and address safety and security concerns both during the trip preparation process and the actual trip.
  • Travel roundtrip with the group for the duration of your alternative break experience. Buck-I-SERV student participants (regardless of trip) should not be left behind or left to travel without a trip advisor at any point throughout the trip.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with students before, during, and after trip experience.
  • Adhere to all purchasing and reconciliation rules and regulations for trip related expenses.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to contribute an educational component to trip, based on your own expertise.

Faculty/Staff Advisor Benefits:

Advisors are critical to the success of all Buck-I-SERV trips; however, we hope to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our faculty, staff, and graduate student advisors. Advisors can expect to reap the following benefits with full participation.

  • Gain the opportunity to participate in extended community service experiences alongside students
  • Increase interaction with a small group of students from a variety of college departments and interest areas across campus.
  • Participate without incurring personal expenses related to transportation, lodging, and some meals throughout the trip experience
  • Share personal expertise or research interest with a group of students in real-life setting.