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The application links (the red boxes below) lead to our available trip application(s). Please click to apply.


Student Leaders and Participants Apply 

Faculty/Staff/Grad/Prof Advisors Apply 



December: Spring and Summer Break Application Opens

Sunday, January 22 - Spring and Summer Trip Leader Applications and International / US Territory Participant Applications Close

Tuesday, January 24 - Friday, February 3: Spring and Summer Trip Leader and International / US Territory Participant Interviews

Wednesday, February 1: Spring and Summer Break Domestic Participant Applications and Advisor Applications Close

Sunday, February 5: Spring and Summer Leader Training #1, 5 – 7 PM

Wednesday, February 8: Spring and Summer Kick Off, 6 – 8 PM

Sunday, February 19: Spring and Summer Leader Training #2, 5 – 7 PM

Saturday, March 11 – Saturday, March 18: Spring Trips Travel

Tuesday, March 21: Spring Trip Welcome Back, 6-8pm

Sunday, April 16: Summer Leader Training Refresh, 5-7pm

Saturday, May 6 - Saturday, May 13: Summer Trips Travel


General Application Tips:

On the Buck-I-SERV application you will be able to select as many trip options as you are willing to participate in, you could even select ALL of them!  Buck-I-SERV places all partcipants by a lottery system. Remember to keep your mind open to ALL break options, we love them all and the communities can't wait to meet you.

We have a lot of questions within the application, and it's possible the form could time out while you work, meaning the loss of all your text work. To avoid that frustration, type short answer/essay responses in a separate document. This point is really important if you are completing leader or supplemental questions.  Once responses are drafted, log back into your application, paste essay answers into the form and then submit the application. 

If you submit your application and need to make a change, you can do so until the application due date.  Just log back into your application, and you should see your completed information.  Hit submit, and any changes will be saved to your submitted application.

You will receive a confirmation email after the successful submission of the Buck-I-SERV application.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please resubmit the application.

All Columbus campus students are eligible and encouraged to apply for Buck-I-SERV. 



See application for individual trip prices.