Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience : Office of Student Life

Learning Outcomes

Participant Learning Outcomes


  1. Identify the social issue that is related to the service the participant is addressing on their trip
  2. Outline at least two core concepts that are relevant to that social issue
  3. Articulate at least one challenge in creating change around the issue at their service-site.
  4. Identify at least one obstacle to addressing these challenges.

Community Building:

  1. Articulate how one’s individual contributions at a service site advanced the team goal.
  2. Interact effectively with group members to complete a task
  3. Build relationships within team and among the community being served

Civic Engagement:

  1. Explain civic responsibility
  2. Articulate the influence of their service contributions on the service-site.                
  3. Identify three local campus or community opportunities where students can engage in service that is connected to their experience on the alternative break trip. 
  4. Participate in service within X weeks of returning to campus.

Critical Thinking:

  1. Contribute to daily reflection and dialogue with their peers about complex social issues.
  2. Identify an example of inequity as it relates to the social issue related to their service site.


  1. Articulate how their own personal experiences may influence their perspective about their service experiences. 
  2. Describe an experience/conversation during the BIS experience in which someone held a differing perspective from your own. Demonstrate an appreciation for other points of view and other cultures