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Community Partner Webinars

Buck-I-SERV Community Partner Webinars

A series of webinars with Buck-I-SERV's community partners discussing the effects of COVID-19 on their operations and how Buck-I-SERV can support them at this time. Check out the links to the recordings, and more information about the panelist's organizations, below.

  • Domestic Community Partner Frontline Webinar: Tuesday, May 16th. Watch the recording here

Panelists include:

Theresa McDermott - Misericordia

Maddie Connelly - Operation Breakthrough

  • Domestic Community Partner Webinar #1: Tuesday, May 5th. Watch the recording here: 

Panelists include:

Vince Hungate - The Medici Project
Jeff Abel - Special Olympics Baltimore
Randy Runnels - Florida's Aquatic Preserves

  • Domestic Community Partner Webinar #2: Wednesday, May 6th. Watch the recording here: 

Panelists include:

Steve Boisvert - Community Collaborations International (Biloxi, MS and San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Beth Hatch - Pathways Early Education Center (Immokalee, FL)
Shelley Levine - Gay Men's Health Crisis (NYC, NY)

  • International Community Partner Webinar: Thursday, May 7th. Watch the recording here:

Panelists include:

Patrick Fitzgerals - Rizoma Field School (Uruguay)
Hannah Bonacci - The Akumanyi Foundation (Ghana)
Diego Rodriguez - Constru Casa (Guatemala)