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Winter Buck-I-SERV

Our virtual winter break week began Monday, January 4, 2021.

The virtual break activities are limited to the pre-registered student participants, but the guest speaker webinar with Stacey Sharer, Executive Director of Break Away Wednesday, January 6th at 1pm, is open to other participants. 


Due to university travel restrictions, Buck-I-SERV will not offer in person alternative break experiences during the 2020-21 academic year. 

The Buck-I-SERV motto is Travel, Learn, Serve. While we can’t travel right now, we can still learn and serve!  

The first ever Virtual Buck-I-SERV will take place this winter from January 4 - 8. You can find the schedule for this new experience here: Buck-I-SERV Virtual Winter Break Schedule. Applications are available at this link and information about the different Buck-I-SERV's will be available on this page.

List of Virtual Winter 2020 Buck-I-SERV Social Issue Focuses

Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV: Housing and Homelessness Focus

Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV: Hunger and Food Insecurity Focus

Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV: Education Focus

Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV: Environmental Issues Focus

Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV: Disability Rights Focus