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FisherCares Group Trip

This trip is sponsored in partnership with the Fisher College of Business and FisherCares. Participants will serve with the Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center in Sarasota, FL. The center is home to over 18 non-profit health and human services agencies that help low income and at risk adults, children and families achieve and maintain productive lives as participating, contributing members of our community. Participants will help with project at the headquarters as well as other projects at the satellite non-profits in the Sarasota area.  

For full trip details, please refer to the description at:

Florida: Glasser-Schoenbaum Center - FisherCares Trip

This trip is fully funded through a scholarship fund administered by FisherCares and is available to students with majors in the Fisher College of Business.  The application includes two parts:  (1) completion of this Buck-I-SERV participant application and (2) completion of a FisherCares trip application available at

**This trip is in partnership with the Fisher College of Business and is available only to students within the FCOB.**