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ESHESA 2571 Enrollment Information

Buck-I-SERV will facilitate a section of ESHESA 2571s, a 3 credit course that begins on October 17, 2018.  The course is not necessary for Buck-I-SERV participation, but the section is now open as an opportunity for 2018 Buck-I-SERV participants.  From the course catalog:


"Introduction to the knowledge, skills, and competencies for responsible service and leadership in diverse communities. Preparation for engaged, responsible, and active community involvement and leadership. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 cr hrs. GE service learning course."  This course also fulfills a Community Leadership requirement of the Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies minor.


The course traditionally includes a 40-hour community service component in addition to the classroom hours.  For our section, your Buck-I-SERV trip participation will count toward that community service requirement, and you will not need to complete additional service during the autumn semester course.  We will use that common experience to further reflect on active citizenship and the alternative break experience. 


The class will be held on Wednesdays, 4:10pm-6:50pm, beginning october 17, 2018 in Denney 207. To register for the course, please complete the top section of the ESHES2571s Permission to Enroll Form form, sign it, and then submit the form to your academic advisor right away so we can keep an accurate registration count. 

ESHES2571s Permission to Enroll Form

For questions, please contact:

Rebecca Delo
Senior Coordinator – Buck-I-SERV
Office of Student Life - Student Activities
2076 Ohio Union, 1739 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210
614-688-1979 Office  614-292-7499 FAX