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Role and Expectations

The below information is for Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV 2020. Information for Spring and Summer trips will be added in December 2020 pending travel approval.

Why serve as a Break Leader for a Virtual Winter 2020 Buck-I-SERV?

  • Connect with other participants and community member and discuss important topics
  • Gain leadership and organization experience
  • Fun!
  • Virtual Winter 2020 Buck-I-SERV trip leaders will be guaranteed a future domestic trip leader spot once travel restarts. They will also be able to designate which community partner, location, or social issue they would like to work with which will be granted based on availability.

The Roles of a Trip Leader

  • Educate Participants
    • Trip Leaders are responsible for educating their participants on social issues), familiarizing them with the community in which they will be connecting, and training participants on the skills they will need to successfully and effectively complete the project. Resources to guide this education process will be provided in break leader training sessions.
  • Plan Break and Pre-Break Logistics
    • Break Leaders are required to coordinate pre-trip meetings with participants, plan details within the context of the Virtual Buck-I-SERV, and facilitate group teambuilding experiences on and before their trip. Support will be provided by Buck-I-SERV Board members throughout the planning process.
  • Encourage Reflection
    • Break Leaders will help plan and ensure the facilitation of reflection activities on each day of the break trip. As a crucial component of each break, reflection must be encouraged by break leaders in a positive and thoughtful manner.
  • Build Team
    • Break Leaders oversee daily logistics, manage group dynamics, and facilitate daily reflections. Through this oversight, breakleaders should help to build team unity, encourage full participation, and promote a fun and open environment for learning about oneself and others before and during the Virtual Buck-I-SERV.

Mandatory Leader Trainings and Events - 

  • If selected as a trip leader, full attendance and participation at all trainings and events is required. All Break Leaders attend a series of  trip leader training session specficially for the leader role. Additionally, all Break Leaders are required to attend the Trip Kick-Off event (pre-trip), Pre-Departure Meeting, and Welcome Back event (post-trip). Finally, all Break Leaders are expected to facilitate small group meetings prior to the Virtual Buck-I-SERV with their specific break and participants. 

Short Answer/Essay Questions and Interview Process

Break leaders will be expected to respond to the following application questions. We encourage applicants to review and draft responses prior to accessing the application to avoid issues with the system "timing out". If you do not receive a confirmation email from the Buck-I-SERV system, your application was not submitted, and you will need to fix any errors and resubmit the application form. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the successful submission of the application.

An interview process will be used to then select break leaders for the Virtual Winter Buck-I-SERV breaks. Additional information about time and location will be forwarded to successful applicants. 

Short answer essay questions include:

  • What strengths would you bring to a Buck-I-SERV team as a leader?
  • What do you hope to gain by serving as a leader on a Buck-I-SERV trip?
  • Each Buck-I-SERV trip focuses on one or more social justice areas. Please explain one of your main areas of interest for leading social justice conversations with a group. What are some examples of social justice topics you would like to address within your trip?