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What Is A Group Trip?

Group trip overview

Buck-I-SERV offers group trips on a limited basis.  If you are interested in a trip for your group of at least 10 participants (1 advisor, 2 student leaders, and 7 other students), then this option might be for you.

Are you interested in hosting a group trip?

Group Buck-I-SERV Alternative Break Trips consist of ten or more people, including trip advisor(s) and leaders. Each substance-free trip must include one trip advisor and two trip leaders within each group of ten. Group Buck-I-SERV Alternative Break Trips resemble traditional Buck-I-SERV trips in most ways except that the applicants are applying to travel, learn and serve as a group rather than individual participants. Examples of past group trips have included student organizations and campus departments.


Buck-I-SERV is primarily funded by the Student Activity Fee. Student Activity Fee funding requires programming to be available to all students. Because the majority of Buck-I-SERV funding comes from the Student Activity Fee, group trips cannot be subsidized in the same way that individual participant fees are. As such, due to the nature of group trips being closed to the general student body and resulting funding limitations, group applicants are expected to contribute 70-90% of the total trip cost, in addition to the standard participant fee. Buck-I-SERV can offer supplemental funding to cover 10-30% of the total cost for student organizations. The exact percentage will be determined on a case-by-case basis in an effort to offer an equitable distribution of supplemental funds. Campus departments are not eligible for subsidization. In addition, because Buck-I-SERV trips are substance free, any fundraising for the trip costs must not come from the sale of alcohol or other substances.

Each trip cost is determined by the actual cost of the housing, transportation, service and other miscellaneous costs. Participant fees are a reflection of a portion of the overall trip cost [and must be paid by each individual student or by the group]. Additionally, students are asked to bring money for their own food and personal needs, unless otherwise noted on the specific trip description.

Please use our online payment options for credit cards and BuckID.  All individual payments should be made online through the individual's MyTrips link on the Buck-I-SERV website.

Additional group payment details will be available on the trip award notifications.  In addition to arranging online credit card and BuckID payments, checks can be used for group payments only and can be made out to The Ohio State University.  Payments from other University departments can also be made through an internal transfer through Workday.

Application Process:

Please reach out to Lucy, Buck-I-SERV Program Coordinator, if you are interested in organizing a group trip.

Student groups interested in being considered for a Group Buck-I-SERV trip must do the following:

  • Identify two student leaders who will complete the application process and fulfill the responsibilities set forth by Buck-I-SERV including but not limited to attend the Trip Leader trainings, conduct pre-departure group meetings, maintain a full trip roster, and meet all additional trip-specific requirements.
  • Identify and secure trip Advisor(s) - faculty, staff or graduate student; 1 advisor per 10 participant trip.
  • Supply the following information for your group trip - rationale, educational purpose, a roster of all participants, and a waiting list in case a participant drops before the trip departs.   Note: If the group is applying for a van transportation trip, each group must have a minimum of 2 drivers (21+ with a valid driver license) on roster for approval for each group of ten.

Note: If a group application is denied, individual students within the group will still have time to apply for traditional Buck-I-SERV trips if they choose. Those who apply online by the established applicant deadline will be considered for all other trips for which they have indicated preference on the online application among the traditional applicant pool. 

If the group application is approved, group participants, leaders and advisors will participate in all pre-departure education, training and events and a reorientation initiative. Each participant on the group roster must also complete the individual Buck-I-SERV online application. It is the group leader’s responsibility to maintain a full trip roster. If a group’s roster falls below 10 participants, the group will still be responsible for the full cost of the trip based on a full roster.