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Buck-I-SERV Board

Position Description:

As a part of the Office of Student Life, the Buck-I-SERV Board serves to support the largest week-long alternative break program in the nation. Each year, the Buck-I-SERV Board, composed of approximately 15 - 17 undergraduate students, assists in the coordination, planning, and delivery of over 80 service sites located in different regions around the world. Additionally, the Board facilitates all trainings and events for the Buck-I-SERV community including leader trainings, Kick-Off and Welcome Back events.


The Buck-I-SERV Board position is unpaid. Buck-I-SERV relies heavily on the commitment and passion of the board to help in the planning stages and implementation of all Buck-I-SERV experiences. Students who are interested in holding a position should be interested in learning more about service, community engagement, relationship building, leadership, social justice, event planning, and mentorship.


Buck-I-SERV Board Expectations & Responsibilities:

  • Establish relationships with housing, nonprofits, and community organizations in order to create trips across the globe
  • Communicate frequently with these housing, nonprofits, and community organizations
  • Market all Buck-I-SERV events, applications and opportunities throughout the year
  • Represent the Buck-I-SERV community and the student body positively and professionally
  • Coordinate the planning of all major program events including Kick-Off and Welcome Back events
  • Create educational training and development opportunities for participants.
  • Explore social justice issues from poverty to environmental issues to mental health
  • Advise trip leaders about their individual trips for them to more effectively lead their group during each Buck-I-SERV experience.
  • Collect and analyze feedback from participants and leaders for program improvements in the future
  • Attend weekly board meetings for the 2023 - 2024 academic year held on Tuesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 PM*
  • Attend weekly committee meetings for the 2023 - 2024 academic year: date and time to be determined by each individual committee*
  • Attend four trainings in the Spring 2023 (TBD)


Committee Responsibilities and Roles:

The Buck-I-SERV Board includes three committees who each focus on different components of the Buck-I-SERV program throughout the year. Committee positions will be determined and discussed during the Board application process.


Leadership Committee

  • Plan and execute the Trip Leader Interview process for winter, spring and summer break sessions including planning interview activities, reviewing applications, facilitating interviews and selecting leaders
  • Train all Trip Leaders for winter, spring and summer breaks including developing site leader curriculum and facilitating all training sessions
  • Coordinate site education efforts and connect Trip Leaders to social justice topics and resources both within site leader trainings and beyond to strengthen the pre-trip education


Events Committee

  • Plan and Execute all large-scale events for winter, spring and summer breaks including Kick-Off, Welcome Back and Buck-I-(Soft)SERV
  • Collaborate across campus and Columbus to involve partners in events and build relationships for post-break engagement and continued service
  • Design and implement supplemental events and opportunities to engage future, current and past Buck-I-SERV attendees in the form of workshops, meet-ups or online materials
  • Organize and execute social gatherings for the Buck-I-SERV board


Marketing Committee

  • Market the Buck-I-SERV Program to prospective participants, leaders, and advisors across campus through connecting with student organizations, academic departments, residence halls, and campus programs to build partnerships through in-person, print, and email communications.
  • Create, order and deliver the following marketing materials: Social Media, Newsletters, Presentations, Info Sessions, Promotional Items, Program T-Shirt Design
  • Help coordinate development opportunities for the general Buck-I-SERV fund as well as the Buck-I-SERV travel assistance fund


Buck-I-SERV Board Learning Outcomes and Goals

• Become proficient in planning and organizing complex travel and service details. 

• Become spokespersons for the importance of developing active citizens

• Be able to effectively and professionally communicate with non-profits, community organizations, and university stakeholders

• Gain increased knowledge and understanding of social justice issues and education

• Gain facilitation skills as a facilitator of discussions, activities, and reflections

• Implement large-scale training and reflective programs for student peers, campus staff and faculty



For questions about the application and Board position please email