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Buck-I-SERV Overview

The mission of Buck-I-SERV is to provide students with a challenging and engaging opportunity to lead and learn through direct service experiences.                The Buck-I-SERV motto is: Travel. Learn. Serve. 

Buck-I-SERV is Ohio State University's Alternative Break Program. Buck-I-SERV began as a student initiative with one single trip to New York City in 2003. Since then, Buck-I-SERV has grown to provide more than 80 trips per year to over sixteen states and five countries. 

Buck-I-SERV Alternative Breaks are weeklong, substance-free programs centered on community service and civic engagement. Buck-I-SERV is held during the university’s breaks including winter (December/January), spring (March), and summer (May) breaks. Buck-I-SERV is a program planned through the Office of Student Life and Student Activities and supported in part by the Student Activity Fee.

Students participating in Buck-I-SERV will learn the importance of self reflection, social justice, active citizenship, and civic engagement while gaining new perspectives through working in diverse environments. Buck-I-SERV participants will also be meeting community needs, building on community assets, and forming relationships with community members. Buck-I-SERV participants will be able to bring their alternative break experiences back to campus to continue to develop active citizenship and explore social justice issues. Students will also be able to create new and lasting friendships among peers by participating in a Buck-I-SERV trip over winter, spring, or summer break.

Each Buck-I-SERV trip is composed of 10, 20, 30 or 50 individuals. In addition to participants, each Buck-I-SERV trip includes one faculty or staff advisor and 2-3 undergraduate trip leaders who undergo specific training to successfully lead and facilitate the alternative break experience. For more information on the adivsor and leader roles, please refer to the additional tabs on our home page. 

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